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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Moss Bank Park

Tues we went to Moss Bank Park with my friend Emma and her brood. Fun park with some fun equipment, they have a small animal area which the girls liked with bunnies and ducks and ice-creams to round off the day.

Sara and Olivia, Kate, Annabelle & Emma

There was lots of fun equipment, most of it on the 'big kid' area and there were usually long lines of kids waiting to get on stuff, Sara immediately queued for this and waited and waited and waited to get on it, then Kate and Annabelle took a turn.

Sara and Olivia on a fun swing.

The girls having fun.

Emma and I with our kiddos.

Later we met Uncle James, Angie and cousins for some bowling, my camera battery died after these 2 pics of Sara and Gabby playing in the arcade so thats all I have of the evening.


Tanya said...

that looks like a super fun park :D

Brent and Emily said...

Glad you finally got to have some great weather!