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Friday, March 18, 2011

Kate's 7

Its official, Kate turned 7 yesterday, the expression is true, time flies! Kate had a fun day, the best part was presents of course. The night before I wrapped them up and fit them all in 1 box, so it kinda look just like one gift but she would get a surprise when she opened it up.
I'm never sure when birthdays are on a school day how to do it, we still have to get up, get ready and get out the door, I feel kinda bad opening presents and then saying you can't play with them we've gotta get to school so the plan was to open Sara's gift and the big box after school.

As it turns out she managed to wake up a little earlier than normal and managed to get dressed super quick and for some strange reason was a little distracted about eating and not all that hungry so we had time to open the big box.

Lots of fun things in the big box, games, books, an animal play set she wanted and this Junie B shirt for a HUGE Junie B fan, she devours those books and laughs out loud whilst doing it.
This picture was taken today, the day after her birthday, I think all of the excitement and waking up early had taken its toll because she was being incredibly grumpy, a nice walk around the block with daddy and the grumpiness soon went away.

Birthday dinner was In & Out followed by doughnuts instead of cake.

Happy Birthday Kate, we love ya!

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Jen said...

YAY! Happy birthday Kate!! Hi Claire! Finally updated my blog after quite a hiatus. Been an unbelievably hard year or so but things are looking up! Miss you!