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Thursday, March 31, 2011


I'm sure most people have given up on this blog by now but for those who stop by periodically here is a warning. Those cute crayola bubbles that I saw at Walmart (and bought as a birthday present for one of Sara's classmates, must apologise to the poor mother) and bought for my girls thinking these would be awesome, NOT! they are messy so if you are at all tempted you have been warned, stick with regular bubbles, these bubbles got everywhere, after a few minutes Kate came in and said she was done, green was all over her face, hands and shirt, I won't even go into Sara, she was purposely smearing hers on her shirt at the end and she had pink bubbles so when she came inside it looked as though her feet were all bloody, didn't get pics just tried to get her into the bathroom with the smallest trail possible. This is one of those where the clean up makes a mess as in the path to the bathroom will be caked in whatever color bubbles your kids are using, anything they touch such as the faucet. Anyway, gripe over and the good thing is they did wash out of the clothes, I did wash right away, you may not be so lucky if you let them sit until laundry day. Oh and also the bottle does have a warning that they are not for use at weddings or indoors:)

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Sarah said...

Thanks for the tip, Claire! I will walk past them next time I see them at Target!