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Monday, July 18, 2011

Life in AF part 2

There are some things we miss about LA, here is top of the list: Trader Joes, friends and the beach. Not much I can do about Trader Joe's, there is nothing like it here, there's a little health food shop that has some good stuff but its no where near like TJ's. As for friends, to be honest, most of our friends were moving or moved away anyway, just a couple were left by the time we left, I have already been visited by a couple of friends and thats the good thing about being in Utah, people usually at some point will come to visit, even so, we will have to make new friends here, so far everyone is very nice but the friends thing will take time, for now we have family and that fills the gap quite nicely, last night Eric's oldest brother's family came over for smores.
Piling up on Lanie and a picture to prove that Britain still soldiers on.

As for the beach, there is obviously no beach here but close by is the pool at the rec center. The pool has a water slide, lazy river and a splash area, there is also a big pool. My girls did swim lessons thru all of June, it made the first part of summer fly by.

Then if we don't feel like going to the pool we head over to the splash pad in Highland, its a fun place to cool off.


Crazy Lady said...

looks awesome. when i get out to see Courtney sometime, I will definitely come by. i love utah

Becky said...

We miss you guys! Looks like you're having fun in your new town - that's always good to see! :) ♥ Hopefully we'll make it out there sometime soon.

Christie said...

We went to this park, too while we were there! Only it would have been even more fun with you guys!

Tanya said...

we miss you guys bunches and don't have family in Utah :( but maybe you guys will be enough to get us there someday :D