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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Sara turns 5

Still alive, computer had a virus, thanks to Kaspersky (on sale at costco.com) all is well. Lots to blog about but first up is Sara's birthday, she turned 5 yesterday. The day began with her gifts, a new doll, basket for her bike, streamers, spoke beads and a doll seat for her bike.

Then off to Monkey Island Fun to play for the birthday girl, this made for 2 very sweaty girls!

The day ended with family coming over for dinner and cake, it is Sara's cousin's birthday the day after hers so I made Lanie (turning 21, wohoo!) a little strawberry ice-cream brownie cupcake for her b'day. Sara really wanted a mermaid doll and so I made her a cake with the doll inside, forgive the ghetto picture of my dirty counters, I had just finished the cake and was super tired, just wanted to get a picture before I cleaned up.


Hillary said...

You are a super mom! Happy B-day to Sara and what an amazing cake!

Beth said...

That cake is AWESOME!!! Audrey would love that. I always think Sara is older than Tyler, I guess they're pretty much the same age. He was 5 in Feb. Glad you're back on line so we can catch up with you.

Crazy Lady said...

That is the most amazing cake! Happy bday Sara!

vrb said...

That bicycle seat is so cute. It's like it was made just for her!!

Amber said...

Ooh. That is not just ANY doll. That's an American Girl DOLL. She's a lucky girl! Love the cake.