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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Pioneer stories - why tell them?

I just heard this thought and wanted to share/document. I was at a bishop's fireside on Sunday and the speakers were Sis. Hinkley's younger sisters, (one of them is the mother of a guy in our ward) they were telling some pioneer stories of their family, they asked why should we tell pioneer stories and then offered this reason. In these days there are very little role models for us and our children to look to in the media, sports or even politics, heck I'm from England and I'm not sure that the royal family offer such great role models anymore. Anyway, they suggested that this is a good reason to look back to the pioneers of the church and their trials and commitment to the gospel. Anyway, just liked it and wanted to share.

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Crazy Lady said...

that is an awesome thing about utah, cool connections to prophets and speakers!

loved the banana idea and good idea with quote