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Thursday, August 25, 2011

the tooth fairy visits Kate

Last week Kate got an abscessed tooth. Not fun. We were actually out of town and the whole side of her face swelled up, she had a fever and was obviously uncomfortable so I took her to the urgent care and got some antibiotics for her. On Tues she had a dentist appt and the recommendation was to pull the tooth, didn't go so well, the needle in her gum was terrible and she screamed and kicked around and the dentist had to stop, after another attempt we left with the tooth still in her mouth. Yesterday I took her to a pediatric dentist, she was on nitrous oxide and watching Monsters Inc, she still didn't like having the shot or the tooth pulled but they were great and got the job done, I'm just glad its over. It was a big ole molar, she wanted to wash it, to make it nice for the tooth fairy I think, here is the note she left under her pillow. (sorry I can't get it to rotate)

Here is what the tooth fairy left her. (also I had to check with a friend that its still cool for the tooth fairy to visit a kid in 2nd grade, she was pretty excited this morning and I was a little worried her bubble would be burst when I dropped her off at school)

She was going to get a scooter this weekend anyway for this-

We love our neighbourhood:)


Sarah said...

Claire, that tooth fairy letter you wrote Kate is absolutely adorable and your block party sounds fun! Wish I was there to skate around with you guys!

Rachel said...

the letter from the tooth fairy is genius! is she convinced to ride to school now?

vrb said...

loved the letter she wrote!!!

Mark & Bek said...

This is so cute. I love her and the tooth fairy's letters. You are such a good mom, and I miss you!