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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

back to school

Wow! life is just zipping by. Today is the 1st day back at school and a new school for the girls. Kate is now in 2nd grade. Sara is starting Kindergarten but that doesn't start until next Tues. Kate was a little nervous but I'm sure she will be fine, there are several kids from her primary class in her class at school so she will already have some familiar faces. I'm not sure about anyone one else but I think I could readily embrace a year round schedule, don't they do 6 weeks of school and then 2 or 3 weeks off? Kate had 11 weeks off school and boy am I ready to be back on a schedule. Still trying to convince Kate to ride her bike to school, we live close enough and did some trial runs over the summer but on 2 of those she fell off her bike, anyone that knows Kate will know that she lost some skin, not terrible but worse than a kid with normal skin and so she is too nervous to ride, my plan is to make her walk a few days this week and I'm sure by next week she'll want to ride:)

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