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Sunday, December 16, 2012

Day 16 - go see the Utah Valley Handbell Ringers

The Utah Valley Handbell ringers put on a concert series each year, this is obviously their Christmas series, we went last year and enjoyed it so I thought we should do it again this year, once again it didn't disappoint.  As we were waiting for them to start Sara wanted some pictures of herself taken.

 Kate wasn't excited about it or getting her pictures taken:)  she was the same last year but ended up really enjoying it and once again she liked watching them make music with the bells.

 The concert was held at the Springville Art Museum, we wandered around a little after to look at some of the art work, this was one of my favorite things, the tree of life really jumping out of the pages of the Book of Mormon.
 And the crystal snowflakes we started earlier in the week are finally done, its hard to get a good picture of the crystals so hopefully you can at least make a out a few in the picture below, I'm sure I should add some kind of science lesson to this.

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