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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Day 19 - Go to dinner and shop at the Riverwoods for secret santa gifts

In a family of 4 this only works so well, especially when 2 of the four can't shop yet by themselves:)  This morning we each picked a name and then this evening we headed to The Riverwoods where we ate dinner at Malawi Pizza and then split up into 2's and bought a gift for the persons name we had chosen.  There is such a nice Christmassy ambience at The Riverwoods, full of lights and they had a guy playing the violin in the gazebo, it was amazing to listen to him play, if it wasn't 20 degrees out we may have stayed and listened longer.  I didn't have my camera so here are the few pics I got from my phone.
 Sister missionaries just singing some Christmas carols around a fire.
  Sara by the gazebo.
 The girls riding the horse at Blickenstaffs toy store.

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