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Thursday, December 27, 2012

Days 22-24

I was doing so well with my posts but my cold got the better of me.  We finished up the advent, day 22 we took a carriage ride around the lights at Thanksgiving Point, I doped myself up on dayquil and glad I made it because it was fun, best pictures I could get from my phone.
 Day 23 was making some edible Christmas trees that are all over pintrest, Sara loved it, Kate had recently made them at activity days so was a little over it.
No pictures for day 24, we went to a friends for Christmas Eve dinner and all the kids acted out the nativity, it was cute, then we came home and watched this mormon message, opened our secret santa gifts to each other and went to bed.  Before I hit the hay though I put this breakfast casserole in the fridge for the morning, highly recommend it for a special occasion breakfast.

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Tanya said...

wow you had amazing advent fun! I love all your cute crafts! I can't believe Kate is in activity days...I mean I know she is old enough but still surprised me and reminded me how old she is...and They are both so dang cute. Merry Christmas...all belated and stuff and Happy New Year!!