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Tuesday, May 1, 2007

The wildlife of Sherman Oaks

I'm not sure if this really does constitute wildlife but I haven't ever seen a real live skunk before, this sunk and 3 others were out front of our house last night and today, (its gonna be great until Britain who spends most of her day barking at them through the fence gets sprayed!!). We live up on a hill and for all of the houses up here there is also a surprising amount of wildlife. There are all sorts of big birds circling in the sky, I can hear owls hooting at night and as I was leaving for church a couple of Sundays ago in the yard of the house opposite was a deer, I backed out of the garage and stopped, for a few moments Kate and I were able to watch the deer until it realised and bounded away. Then last night as I was walking the dog there were two deer, its an amazing sight but also makes me feel a little sad that we are totally encroaching upon their habitats. Eric's dad has told us many a story of him riding his bike up and down what is now the 101 freeway. It puts new meaning to that song 'They paved paradise and put up a parking lot.'


Boss Lady said...

That is crazy about the skunk. We had a dog get skunked growing up and it is terrible, like hurt our eyes bad and stayed in the house forever. it was a white little mutt and we had to bathe it in tomato juice to help with the smell so it turned pink. wierd there are so many deer, i saw them all the time when I used to work in the hills there.

Lisabella said...

Joni Mitchell had it right! California is paradise...and it's certainly get paved.

That's great that you have so much wildlife around your house. But then again, you do live a wild life...