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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Good News Day

I've seen that a lot of people have added good news spots to their blogs. I'm not sure I could keep it up but today was just a good news kinda day, I cleaned Sara's bedroom floor, then I emptied out the sandbox, I then filled it with water for the girls to splash in, they had fun, Sara got soaked. She's standing now by herself, yipee!! Hopefully walking won't be to far behind. Both the girls napped (at the same time) and I got to talk to Nanette who I miss, (she's a great friend who deserted me and moved to Arizona for a huge house and massive backyard for her three boys, can I really be mad!!!) then Kate and I made gingerbread men (she was hot and therefore had to take her clothes off but I did manage to coerce her into at least wearing undies), we went to meet Eric for buy one get one free smoothies at Jamba Juice and then tonight I went to the pool and swam laps. Need I say more? So this is my good news day. Oh and to end it all, its only 9:45pm, I'm going to ignore the pile of laundry to be folded, dishes to be taken out of the dishwasher and carpet to be vacuumed and just get in bed and get a good nights sleep, and not feel guilty about it for a second. Sweet dreams.


Boss Lady said...

Had so much fun at the pool, what a good day. You are an awesome swimmer. You kick my butt.

Gina Cook said...

Looks like you guys have been having fun.. now how did you get a two for one Jamba, do you know something I should?

gay said...

i'm glad you had a great day. i could have been on the opposite end of the spectrum to contrast your good news day! i guess you win some, you lose some!! we're coming over later! see ya!