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Monday, June 4, 2007

Oh, deer....another day at the Thompsons

I am excited to post this picture of the deer behind our house, they have been coming quite regularly lately. I know they are there as the dog barks like crazy, they do not seem bothered by her at all, maybe they know she is behind a fence. However, when I go out to look with Kate and they hear our voices (try keeping a 3yr old quiet) they quickly move on so I hadn't been able to get a picture until last night. Anyway, I think its cool, sometimes here in LA I feel so surrounded by concrete and to see wildlife just puts me back in touch with mother nature even if it is only for a moment or two.
Today wasn't an overly interesting day, we didn't accomplish all that much at all but I had bought some fuchsia's at Target for 50% off a week ago and finally I got around to putting them in pots. I'm not much of a gardener, in fact I am vowing that this is my project for next year, I'm going to figure out a bunch of cool plants and get my garden looking all nice and pretty. For now its just some containers, my white one I'm in love with, a $10 purchase from Costco, all I have needed to do is keep it alive and its just blooming. Here is a picture of Kate helping me with the fuchsias, for those who don't know me all that well I have very little patience and motherhood is teaching me how to gain more in abundance. Of course Kate wanted to help and she has some cute pink gardening gloves that I got her, I took most of the dirt out of the pot as the previous flowers just didn't do so good at all I thought that maybe it was the soil so when it came to putting in the new dirt Kate wanted to do it all by herself. Her gloves don't fit quite right and there is no way she is letting me help her to get them on properly and so with gloves that are on the wrong hands and no fingers in the finger holes she moves the dirt very slowly from the bag to the pot, most of it doesn't make it into the pot and she exclaims "we're making a mess!!" and yes we were but it was fun none-the-less.
Then whilst waiting for dinner we played baseball. Thanks to Luke and Darby for the Dora bat and ball, Kate is getting quite good now and Sara loves being our fielder. It was a nice quiet day until after baths and I insisted that Kate get her nails cut. It was as if I proposed to actually trim the tops of her fingers off, it took a 30 minute wailing tantrum before she actually let me clip them, does anyone else go through this? Do you have any suggestions? I was almost drawn to bribery (I did bribe with allowing her to watch TV whilst I did it but it didn't work because everytime I went remotely close to her fingers she screamed) but toy bribes don't seem warranted for a simple nail clipping. Well, its done now, at least for the next few weeks anyway!!


Boss Lady said...

Darby never lets me cut her nails either, but Luke does, I think it comes with age. I haven't figured it out either. But tv is a great bribe for lots of things like doing hair, etc...and we always give Luke's haircuts while a movie is on and a lollipop in his mouth. Thanks for telling your friend about Sharla. Jason has been talking about wanting to go back with her when she is finished, wouldn't that be so cool if you were going there too? Or at least I could see where you were from?

English Garden said...

I think a trip to England would be great fun but you should definetly do a little mini 3-4 day trip to the Canary Islands whilst in the vicinity.

yosh said...

Love your post. I know what you're saying how it seems we are so removed from "nature" and then something like that reminds of that it isn't too far away. I was hiking Fryman with my sister when we saw a deer. I almost had a heart attack b/c I was surprised. It had ben SO long. She is living in Wyoming and didn't even react when she saw it!
So a QT beverage is a Quiktrip. It's a gas station. But their beverage station is very thorough. It has the two kinds of ice to pick from, all the flavorings to add if you choose, and the soda is the good, rich kind. You'll have to try one if you're ever in the midwest!