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Thursday, June 14, 2007

Random Question

For anyone that has an opinion, what do you/what did you do with your wedding dress? Mine has been in my closet now for over 8 years, the last time I had it out was when I put it in a box to move. I was thinking about ebaying it, I would craigslist it but I have visions of obnoxious brides to be coming into my house to try it on. Would anyone even buy a used wedding dress? It wasn't overly expensive either, I think it was only $450 if that, what would you ask for such an item?. Anyway, I think it was pretty but too pretty just to be in the back of a closet to eventually turn a nasty yellow. Any suggestions?


gay said...

This is just reinforcement that I made a good decision... When I was getting married I decided to just rent my dress b/c I knew I'd probably never use it again!! But I don't think it would hurt to put it on craigslist... people are always looking for a good deal.

English Garden said...

I wish I had rented mine too, Amber Thompson rented hers, what forward thinking girls you were, it never occured to me to rent.

Boss Lady said...

My vote is keep it for your daughters. You could get is professionally sealed to prevent yellowing. While I think renting is great, since you didn't I would keep it!

anniemcq said...

Claire, I recently read this article about donating your dress to raise money for breast cancer.

And here's the site for Brides Against Breastcancer

Saving it for your daughters is a nice idea, but there's no guarantee they'll want to wear it.

English Garden said...

What a feb suggestion, thanks so much.

Emily said...

So I have often had the same dilema run through my mind about what to do with my dress. I can't bring myself to sell it but at the same time, I doubt I could sell it to anyone here in LA anyway since it is long sleeved and has fur trim (who has fur trim on their wedding dress?!? crazy people like me that want to be "different") Anyway, I doubt anyone will ever want to wear it again so maybe I'll look into Brides Against Breast Cancer. Great idea!