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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Reality Bites

It has been a fun few days. Kate's cousins have been in town, (Eric's oldest brothers kids) and Kate has loved every minute of it, especially as grandma has been here too. We just kinda hung out and swam, they got here Sunday night and left this morning.

Kate and the girls, Auntie Michele, Kaylee (15) and Lanie (16) who is a super softball player. Kate and Jace (12) at the piano, Jace can't read music but hears a song and just picks it up.
Kaylee reading Kate her bedtime stories.

Finding a lizard, they actually convinced Kate to touch it!! All together as they left this morning, Chad (9), Jace, Lainie, Sara, Kaylee and Kate.

Family dinner on Monday night, Eric's dad grilled some excellent tri-tip, as always and then we hung out and ate. The sounds of chit-chat and kids playing and laughing, my favourite times.
Then a dose of reality, I love to look at other peoples blogs, seeing the fun they are having but I do sometimes wonder if everyone has moments like these. The cousins left with grandma and grandpa (aunt and uncle left Monday for a little alone time) my kids were exhausted from so much fun but somehow both refused to nap and so here is a little sneak peek of reality. Just soooo tired but then all was well, cousins Haylee, Ethan and Grace came over to swim and help us make it sanely to 6pm at which point both my kids were fast asleep!

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anniemcq said...

Oh, yes. I recognize the weeping with Mom after fun with cousins and friends! Glad everyone had such a fun time, though!