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Monday, July 2, 2007

Love this book, love the recipes, love, love, love the cake.

I heard Jenny Jones in an interview on the radio one morning, talking about her book, about how super foods keep you healthy, and that 100% of the proceeds of the book go to breast cancer research. So I bought the book, I like the recipes, I've mainly tried the sweet ones and her main point about cakes etc is that if you are going to eat cake at least it should have something nutritional in it, my favourite is the Sweet Potato Chocolate Cake, it has 2/3 cup of sweet potato and so is full of beta carotene and its one of my favourite cakes. She also has a great recipe for apple breakfast bread, grapefruit cake and a lemon blueberry bunt cake.
We just made the cake for the missionaries and Kate was super excited to do the sprinkles, while I made the frosting I found her pouring sprinkles into a cup and drinking them, Sara had tried to grab the cup, obviously Kate protected her loot but the sweet big sister she is a moment later decided to quiet Sara's screams of protest by placing a fingerful of sprinkles into her mouth and then for good measure pouring a bunch onto the table so she could just keep helping herself!! Do you remember the days of your 1st child when no amount of sugar would even go within a 1/4 mile radius of your darling little one, then there's #2 who is eating sprinkles at 11 mos!!


Boss Lady said...

I love those cakes too, I need to get that book too. Don't worry, my kids eat more sugar than yours, even the first one. There is another book I want too called like sneaky chef about sneaking healthy foods into recipes, i'll check it out at the library.

Gina Cook said...

So I have had this cake before.. and it is super tasty and knowing that its healthy makes you feel like you can eat more!

Amber said...

Hear hear on the sugar thing. Same for movies. Leah already knows who Shrek is. Ashlyn didn't see a "big kid" movie until she was at least 2, if not 2 1/2. Ahh...oh well.
And I'll have to try the sweet potato chocolate cake. Can you post the recipe on your blog? Or email it to me?