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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

I have so much to do that I don't seem to be able to find time to update my blog but I decided to put a few things aside and type for 5 minutes. Gabrielle has put up a few cute posts lately and on one she tagged me and the other she was asking about how we all met our husbands so anyway, I have to combine 2 in 1 or I'll never get either done. The picture is of Eric and I New Years day 1999, we had been friends for 3 months, we went to the LA 1st ward and all of our mutual friends lived down by the temple and so we would carpool everywhere together and saw each other almost everyday. I was adamant we were just friends but over Christmas Eric went to Utah for family and I went to Big Bear with some friends and I missed him terribly, I remember thinking that "this would be so much better if Eric was here" and it was the first time I realised I liked him as just more than friends. Anyway, we started dating at the beginning of January and were married on May 29th 1999. We don't have an actual 1st date story like Gabrielle, it just happened over time and I can truly say that we were (and still are) best friends when we got married. I have to post this too, its a valentines day card got Eric got me in 2003, it just sums up our story.
It says:
Boy meets girl, Thinks she's great,
Asks to take her on a date.
They have dinner, see some flicks.
Before they know it, something clicks.
Soon they're lovebirds
Through and through.
They tie the knot. They say "I do."
Now he's hers, Noe she's his,
oh, how sweet their marriage is!
Life goes on,
With joy and laughter...
It's known as,
"happily ever after!"

Now onto my 4 things list:

4 jobs I've had: 1) Burger King 2) Proof operator (in a bank) 3) Bank Teller 4) Dr's receptionist
4 movies I can watch over and over again: 1)Bride and Prejudice 2) French Kiss 3) You've Got Mail 4) About a Boy
4 places I've lived: 1) Manchester, England 2) Studio City, CA 3) Springville, UT 4) Sherman Oaks, CA
4 favorite TV shows: (we don't have TV service now but I used to like: 1) Wheel of Fortune 2) Jeopardy 3) American Idol 4)The City Gardener
Places I've been 1) Hawaii 2) Spain 3) Caribbean 4) Mexico
4 favorite foods: 1) Eric's dad's grilled tri-tip 2) lemon meringue pie 3) turkey 4) chocolate
4 websites I visit daily: 1) my blog 2) my email 3) all recipes 4) my friends blogs
4 places I'd rather be: 1) at the beach 2) at Wimbledon 3) swimming 4) My dads house
4 blog buddies I want to tag: I'm not tagging anyone but if you want to post your list its fun to know new things about other people.


Rachel said...

Eric looks so differenrt with hair and a goatee! You guys are darling!

Boss Lady said...

love the pics. you are a perfect match.

Boss Lady said...

do you play tennis?

Gina Cook said...

That card totally makes me smile, you guys are so cute together I love it! The Tri-tip Eric's dad makes is soooo good!