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Wednesday, July 11, 2007


I know I already did a new post today but I just have to blog about the fabulous LA City Firefighters. We had an O.K. day, Haylee and Ethan came over and the kids had fun swimming then around 4ish as they were leaving all these fire helicopters were circling over our house. As I look up I see smoke and through the front window there is smoke coming over the hill our house faces and Amber saw flames, but never fear the firefighters are here!! And this time they brought their helicopters. My girls watched for about an hour as the water dropping helicopters made pass after pass dumping water and before we knew it the smoke was gone. They flew real low and as they came over our house it was real loud and the windows shook. What am amazing set of people, it was humbling to watch them work, just makes me want to bake them some cookies.

Sara is so big, she had a hissy fit until I pulled a chair up next to Kate's so she could look out of the window too.
Also a shout out to Eric's dad, Bruce Thompson, who flew helicopters for LA City Fire Dept. before he retired.

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Boss Lady said...

those are awesome pictures. wow. that is so cool.