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Thursday, July 12, 2007

Sara's Birthday

Happy Birthday Sara
We love you
1 today!!

Cool Slideshows!


Gina Cook said...
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Gina Cook said...

Happy Birthday Sara.. she is super cute, sorry we were not able to come to the party. I love the pictures!

gay said...

sara is such a cute 1 year old! She looks like she will be walking any day!! Thanks for the party... it was a lot of fun!!

anniemcq said...

Happy Birthday, Sara! I can't believe you're already a year old! And Happy first year to Claire & Eric, too - and of course big sister Kate! What a milestone a year is. She is such a CUTIE!

Amber said...

Leah is 17 months, as of this past Sunday, the 22nd. It was suppose to be her 15 month check up but I was kind of late. But still. She was 30 inches at her one year, so Sara might even be taller by the time she's Leah's age. That is crazy.