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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Granddads on his way!!

My dad left England this morning and should arrive in LA around 6:45 tonight, I have tried to plan some fun things for us to do but please post any suggestions for me that you may have, fun places to visit and fun places to eat, especially if you are not from here. Its my dads birthday on Friday so we are planning on taking him to Cheescake Factory. I am also planning a day out in Santa Barbara, I love that place, any good food recommendations there?

And, my beloved Civic sold on e-bay, we got about $1500 more than we hoped for so that was amazing but it was a little bit of a wrench dropping it off last night. A father from Colorado had bought it for his son, sounds nice right? well we drop it off and the guys, lets just say, one slice short of a loaf and drunk to boot. My poor sweet civic that has been so faithful all of these years, I didn't know I had such an attachment too it, I hope it has gone to a good home.


Baby Got Back said...

This is a bit overkil, but I made this list when Lindsey moved here. I would totally take him to the temple too...plug plug. seriously, go watch the joseph smith video there and take the tour. you could take a picnic.

Getty Museum
Beverly Hills
pinks hotdogs
Hollywood & Highland
Jay leno & TV show taping
Didy reese
olvera street
Mann Chinese Theatre
glendale galleria
Third Street Promenade
aquarium of the pacific
fryman canyon
Garment District
Los Angeles Zoo
Shane’s Inspiration
Universal City Walk
The Grove
Venice Beach
Visit Gene Autry Museum
Los Angeles temple
Hike Hollywood sign

Beth said...

I love going to Laguna Beach, too, if you're looking for another day trip. Have fun with your dad.

anniemcq said...

Have a great time with your dad! BGB has a great list going - the Autry Museum would definitely be on my list, as well as The Huntington Library & Gardens (they have a tea there!). It's really beautiful there.
Have fun!