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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Day One

Let me just say I have angel children, they were perfect on the plane and waiting in the airports, we did travel at night time so we'll see if I have the same thing to say on the flights home (cross your fingers for me!). Waiting in LAX the girls found some other little girls to play with as they climbed about by the windows anxious to get on the plane, then we boarded, we left around 8:30pm Los Angeles time and about 2hrs into the flight Sara said, I'm tired and went off to sleep for the next 7 hours or so, Kate on the other hand stayed awake for the first 8 hrs of the flight and then finally succumbed and crashed. We got off in Heathrow and let me tell you that is one big airport and I am so glad I decided to bring a stroller because I don't think either of my girls would have been able to walk as far as we had to by themselves. We also had to take a bus to switch between terminals and Sara looked at me and said "I've never been on a bus before" it was pretty cute. So we made it, tired but all in good spirits. We spent our first day just chilling at Grandads house, the weather was rainy, not exactly cold and the rain was just on and off so we took the girls to the store and bought them some rain boots, and then they loved playing in the front garden in their new boots.

Girls playing in the airport.

Sara after her nap and Kate after she finally crashed. BTW invested in Kidz Gear headphone for the girls, best move ever, ear buds just don't stay in their ears and regular headphones are too big and fall off, these headphones were perfect!

1st bus ride!

The girls in their new boots, Sara picking blackberries & raspberries and Kate playing football with Uncle Jim.

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Rebecca said...

FUN! I'm so happy to see you posting about your trip. When you go to the castles, be sure to take LOTS of pictures!!! (and pick me up a rock! ;) )

Miss ya!