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Monday, April 11, 2011

Spring break adventures - Day 1

The girls have the week off school this week, yipee, I love it. Today we hiked to the Y on the mountain in Provo, it was a beautiful day, the trail which is 1.2 miles to the top wasn't too bad, fairly steep on the first few switchbacks but the last 5 or so aren't too steep, good thing because the closer we got to the top the more snow there was. The Y was covered in snow so I really want to take the girls up again when they can actually see it. Beautiful day, beautiful spring weather and we got totally fried, got to remember the sunscreen next time!

The beginning of the hike and around the first switchback there was still snow.

View from the top, Kate is flexing her "I made it" muscles.


Crazy Lady said...

that is the cutest picture of you and your girls. what a brave hike!

Hillary said...

Ditto on Brooke's comment. Love, love the pic of you and the girls!

vrb said...

I love that sara is sucking on what I think is her signature accessory. A lollipop!!! that girl loves her candy. I wish I had her metabolism.