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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

self control & geriatric dogs

I've been feeling a little blah! lately, I eat too much sugar and watch too much TV, these things are becoming apparent as I have gained about 15lbs since leaving LA which sucks because I have also been working out 4 days a week, I'm also tired most of the time because I stay up late watching TV, then I'm tired the next day so after my girls go to bed I'm too tired to do anything and so I watch TV, stay up too late and the cycle repeats itself. So this week I am on a no sugar no TV break, I'm an all or nothing type and saying I am just going to eat a small treat each day or just watch 1 show doesn't work. Anyway, so far so good, a few sugar cravings but I'm managing and for my diversion from TV I checked out a book from the library, An Assembly Such as This, its Pride & Prejudice from Darcy's perspective, I'm only 1 chapter in but enjoying it so far and not feeling so brain dead from watching TV.

Then this is our dog, she's old, she just turned 12, see all that gray? the past few weeks she's been hobbling around, on Saturday 1/2 way around the block she gave up and sat down, Eric had to wait with her until she was ready to get up, we've been pretty worried about her so I took her to the vet on Monday, guess what he told me? "she's old" he also told me 3 of her 4 legs were hurting, he gave me some pain meds for her so we are going to see if they help, its really sad to watch her struggle, I think it makes me wonder if this is what old age is like, it creeps up on you and kinda sucks.


Mark & Bek said...

Um, I don't believe you about eating sugar and watching tv all the time. Doesn't really sound like you. I miss you! Poor puppy. She is such a good dog.

Christie said...

We sure miss you guys! Looks like you are doing okay. Good luck if you do the triathlon!