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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Spring Break adventures - day 3 & 4

Yesterday and today have not been so exciting or adventurous, the girls went to grandma's yesterday to play with their cousins and I headed to the DMV to get my Utah license and register my car here, I guess that means we're staying. Today the girls and I went to see HOP, I know it got terrible reviews but I actually thought it was OK as far as a movie could be with a talking bunny in it, the girls liked it too. What made it even better was that for the 11:45 show we were having some projector issues, by the time they decided it wasn't going to work it was 12:20 and the next show was at 1pm, we all got free tickets plus if you took your ticket stubs to the kiosk we could exchange them for the 1pm showing, so we got to see HOP for free plus now I have 3 free tickets. I'm a little frugal when it comes to buying concessions at the movie theater but as it was lunch time and we had free tickets I bought a big tub of popcorn for the girls.
When we got home from the movies Sara's new doll house had arrived, she began talking before Christmas about getting a new doll house, she already had the fisher price one so I told her if she sold the one she had she could get a new one, we sold the other one a few months ago, after it sold I asked her if she wanted me to order the new one to which she replied that she wanted to wait a while, not sure what we were waiting for but fine by me, then on Monday Sara asked "when is my new doll house getting here?" and so I ordered it, today it arrived, took about 2 hrs to put together, its cute and she and Kate had a lot of fun playing with it. Also I hit a home run with dinner tonight making these, usually someone doesn't like dinner but tonight everyone loved it, I substituted ground turkey and doubled the sauce.

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Becky said...

OH my! Your blog posts lately have made us SOOOOooooo homesick for you guys! But SO HAPPY to see you are all having so much fun! :) ♥ Thank you for posting! Love the pictures and good news!