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Thursday, May 31, 2007

7 things

So its going around, list 7 things about yourself that others don't know, (my friend Brooke said exciting but I omitted that word as I made my list but I wouldn't necessarily call it exciting) here goes:-

1. I love to make lists. There are little papers all over my house, grocery lists, Costco lists, target lists, things to do today lists, things to do during the week lists, places I'd like to go, wish lists for me, lists of things to buy for my girls and Eric for birthdays and Christmas, a list of things to do with my dad when he visits (in November), the list goes on.....

2. I love, love, love to travel. I want to go to Paris, Italy, Greece, Spain, Canary Islands, Bermuda, travel up the west coast, travel through New York up to Niagara Falls, Cape Cod, Hilton Head, go to Disney World, Iceland......

3. I was a vegetarian for about 8 years.

4. I like to drink out of a straw.

5. I wanted to be a school teacher (and maybe someday I will).

6. I feel that I am a total underachiever.

7. I have no self control if there is chocolate in my house I just have to eat it!!

Tag your it.


Gina Cook said...

That's funny you say that about lists.. I just can't get enough lists. I love to buy notebooks all the time just so I can make more lists. Jon totally makes fun of me and will say oh great she's bringing out the list. I'm glad to have found a list lover also!

Boss Lady said...

those were great ones. You are an over achiever, dont' worry. just look at your scrapbook and your kids perfectly cute and original rooms. cool, when you go to school and be a teacher, I'll go back to school and be a nurse. lets totally do it...in like 20 years. i'm serious. i'm a sucker for chocolate too!

yosh said...

You crack me up, Claire!! So do you like meat a lot now or only a little? I'm totally a meat lover and would fail miserably at any attempt to be a vegetarian!