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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

2nd wind

So I have been reading NieNie's blog, I started at the beginning and have been reading it over the past few nights, I LOVE her blog, she is amazing and I really hope she makes it. Anyway, I have a 2nd wind to keep up my blog, she kept hers short and sweet and I think it was brilliant so I am going to do the same -

Today the girls and I went on an outing to Toys R Us, meet Neigh and Donkey

As I was driving home my girls were happy and my heart was full.

P.S. don't forget prayers for Nie


Lisabella said...

Right on! I've just been rededicating myself to my blog, too. And I agree-a short entry is better than nothing. Love the pictures!

Oh-we're in Utah for 4 months, by the way. David's working from home.

Thanks for keeping up the blog!

Beth said...

I think it's all about short entries. I try to do that too.

Jen said...

I was SO My Little POny obsessed when I was little. I saw those pics and it just instantly took me back! I just put up some darling pics on my blog for y'all fyi. ;)

beth said...

By the way, I've been reading Nie's blog too. Very inspiring. I love the way she writes about her everyday life and it is just so interesting. I need to do that more.