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Thursday, May 17, 2007

Another day at the Thompsons...

Our dog Britain likes to catch lizards, we have a small grass area and whenever I walk on over there is usually some poor lizard on the grass that wasn't quicker than the dog. Today she all of a sudden takes off down the side of the house and I am just thinking that she has gotten herself another piece of prey, as I got closer I see a snake and Britain is taking off with this little dead bird, I'm assuming that the snake had the bird and Britain was a little cheeky and took it from the snake, anyway, its cool and a little scary at the same time to have a snake in your yard, this one was the 2nd I've seen thus far.
The rest of our day was pretty routine, we swam at a friends house and didn't get home until after 5, I was hoping that as the girls had swam they wouldn't need baths. As I'm racking my brains as to what to feed my little darlings for dinner I come across a can of Chef Boyardee, its quick, its easy, why not I tell myself. My dreams of no bath, straight into jammies and off to bed were shattered, I was at least wise enough to remove Sara's shirt before letting her feed herself but both girls pretty much ended up orange (I would have posted pics of this too but I remember my friend Nanette telling me that she specifically does not like to see pictures of kids plastered in food, it must be one of those things where it is just cute for the parents, in any case I don't think a picture could have done it quite justice). So off to the bath they went. I filled it up a few inches and in Kate went for a good wash, but first she needed to go potty, then back into the tub. As I'm washing Kate, Sara who is still very orange and touching me all over, is pulling herself up on me and is trying to stick her hand into the toilet behind me!! Oh! la vida loca, sometimes I find myself wondering about these being the best days of my life!!

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Boss Lady said...

i love your blog, this was the best story. you do write well. that is sooooo funny, i totally know what you are feeling. chef boyardee should have to come and wash up our kids.