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Sunday, May 13, 2007

Beautiful, beautiful Santa Barbara

Today we took a family day and went out to beautiful, peaceful, charming Santa Barbara. If you haven't been it is totally worth checking out. When we first got there Kate wanted to play on the beach and so we played on the beach and Kate splashed in the water for about an hour, Sara thought that the beach was awesome too, to her it was just this huge all you can eat buffet!! Then we went to grab a bite to eat at a pizza by the slice place, Rusty's pizza parlour, on Waterfront. Then Kate and daddy rode the trolley before we went to the SB zoo. The zoo is cute, its quite small but there is plenty to see and do. The highlight was Kate feeding the giraffe, yes that's right, you can feed a giraffe, its awesome. Hope you all had a good Saturday and happy mothers day to all of my mommy friends out there.

This is Kate feeding the giraffe, forgive me for being in the way but I didn't know until after, I couldn't hear Eric yelling at me!! Ooops, we'll just have to go back again to get some better shots!! I'm actually really proud of Kate, I didn't think she would do it, she is totally afraid of bugs but give her a giraffe biscuit and she'll go right up and put it on the tongue.

Here is the giraffe with the crooked neck, they have a whole bios on her at the SB Zoo website but basically they don't quite know why her neck has grown like this over time and apparently she eats fine and doesn't seem to be in any discomfort.

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Boss Lady said...

I love the pictures. that is a weird giraffe. you look pretty with sara. seems very relaxing. i love summer