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Thursday, May 24, 2007

A day in the life

So nothing to interesting going on at the Thompson's, Kate and Sara have begun playing together. It only lasts about 10 minutes but its adorable and I love it. Thanks Amber (my very generous sister-in-law) this is Sara's #1 favourite toy.

This is our jump 'n' slide by Little Tike's, it was a chunk of change at $200 but worth every penny, Kate plays in it at least once a day. Sara loves it too, she has just worked out how to get herself down the slide so now I have to sit at the bottom to catch her. (this picture was taken yesterday but I put it in as I didn't take any as they played in it today)

The girls wore their matching shirts today that Kate had picked out at the store, I think they look cute and so I tried to get a picture of them but I seem to miss the shot because of the delay of the digital camera (isn't it a bad workman that always blames their tools!!)

Here is Kate coloring away, she just sat and colored for over an hour I was quite impressed, I was putting Sara down for her nap and when I got back she was just singing to herself. "Hap birthday to you, hap birthday to Darby, hap birthday to you" over and over, so cute. (We had just left Darby a message where Kate sang happy birthday) so here is a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Darby who is 2 from Kate.

Kate read Ten Little Ladybugs and was so proud of herself that she just had to read it to daddy when he got home. If you haven't got it, its real cute and I think the illustrations are adorable. "ten little bugs on a leaf, then there were nine little bugs....." (for anyone wondering I'm not sure why she chose to read in the bathroom but she just wanted to sit on her steppy stool so we all crowded into the bathroom for her recital)

Then tonight I gave Kate 3 forks to set at the table, I thought she would just dump them on the table, I've never asked her to do it before. Anyway, when I came in with the food there they were, one in each place (and you can see her little hand pointing at a job well done!!), what can I say, she's my first child and she always astounds me at the things she knows and does everyday, its true they really do pick up on everything!!

That was our day, now both girls are asleep (I was going to sneak in and capture the blissful moment but the battery died in my camera) Eric is putting up the antenna for our wireless Internet and I am blogging. What a day, and if you made it to the end of this and are not some type of relative (and truthfully I started this for my dad but sadly enough he hasn't even check it out, his loss huh??!!) then I'm impressed and thanks for bearing with me as I blog aimlessly about my two little wonders.


Beth said...

Ha - I totally read it and I'm not a relative. What a fun day. Makes me excited for whenever Tyler gets a little brother (or sister) --- but not quite yet :)

Boss Lady said...

I love the pictures...especially the ones of the matching shirts, Sara looks so big and cute. How fun, what a great blog.

anniemcq said...

I cannot get over how big Kate is, and you know, that you actually have another baby now! I love that you have a blog. I'll be stopping by to check things out regularly! Your girls are so cute!