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Sunday, May 20, 2007

Full house

Today we swam and had a BBQ, it was quite delightful. Eric's parents are in town, his younger brother and his two kids, then his other brother, wife and 3 kids came and my sister-in-laws brother and his new wife came. I had also signed the missionaries up for dinner so they came to eat also. I love having a full house, I can't wait for it to really warm up, the pool was nice, some said it was a little chilly (78 degrees) but I am a swim-a-holic so there was no stopping me. I hope that we can have huge swim parties all summer long, all are welcome to come and swim and grill and as far as I am concerned the more the merrier.


Amber said...

Sweet. I'll be there. Thanks for the invite. HA HA HA!!!

yosh said...

Claire, your blog is super cute. and you keep it up to date!! we love to grill and swim too so we have to get together soon!! Gabrielle!!

Gina Cook said...

This was the best BBQ of all time.. such good time. And I got to tell you I can only hope to cook as good as Claire does!