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Friday, May 18, 2007

Fun with the cousins

Kate has two of her cousins in town from Utah, I love it when she can get together with them. I didn't have any cousins growing up, no aunts, no uncles and therefore no cousins so it seems super fun to me. Here she is with McKenna who is 7 and Carson who is almost 3.
Here is the big difference to me between boys and girls. Carson is so excited to catch a potato bug (we have tons of them around our yard), he kept bringing them to show me and as rough and tough as my little girl seems, Kate usually just screams and stands ten feet back "its a bug, there's a bug!!!" Today though, inspired by Carson she let one crawl across her hand.

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Boss Lady said...

love the pictures, so cute. that is so funny cause luke just showed me a potato bug he was holding on thursday, right before he tore in two