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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Christmas countdown day 1

The countdown to Christmas has begun. Usually we do the $0.99 chocolate calendars from Trader Joes, this year I decided to step it up a notch, here is my calendar, each day the girls get to take off a number and behind it is an activity for that day, I also strung the chocolate ornaments from Costco between the little flags so they get a little candy each day too.

The girls enjoying their pre-breakfast chocolate. The activity for today - Go to see the Living Nativity.

There was a little skepticism about this first activity and a question from Kate that went like this "mom are all the activities going to be churchy?" Honestly this was awesome and we all loved it. To see how it began read about it here, also this is all done by volunteers and is free but they do have donation pots which all go to charity. It begins with some shepherds around a fire telling you they have seen a new star and then you follow a path up to some barns, along the path are more animals, donkey's, camels, goats and more people in costume. As you get closer there are men on horses dressed as Roman soldiers, you follow the path and go through the entrance to Jerusalem. As you enter Jerusalem the Magi greet you and tell you about the gifts they have brought for the baby Jesus. Jerusalem is filled with animals, people in costume and little areas where they depict life in Jesus' time. You leave that barn and follow another small path that leads to a smaller barn lit with a star and you can't see it in the picture but there is a group on a balcony singing Christmas carols, really sets the stage.

In this barn it is very quiet and reverent and the girls were mesmerized, Sara even asked if it was the real baby Jesus.

I think the live nativity may have to be a tradition, I thought it was amazing, we all had a great time and it was a great way to start the Christmas season by remembering what we are really celebrating.


Rachel said...

that sounds so cool! i wonder if i can find one in houston....

Sarah said...

I just finished looking at all the Christmas countdown posts you've done so far . . . I am in love with all your activities. Brilliant idea!