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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Countdown to Christmas Day 10 & 11

Day 10

The girls had a blast. The first time around the ice with them was difficult to say the least but after that we got better each time, towards the end both Kate and Sara were trying all by themselves. Eric doesn't skate due to the fact that he has no feeling in one of his feet and so I would go around the ice with one of the girls and switch them out each time I passed Eric, it actually worked out pretty good and the girls are excited to go again.

Day 11

Kate was not excited at all about this activity but it turned out to be really good. These are the Utah Valley Handbell Ringers and this is part of their Holiday Concert Series. They were amazing and its all volunteer and so is free, all I had to do was go and pick up tickets a few weeks ago. Their performance was at the Springville Art Museum and they do quite a few concerts over the Christmas season. My pictures didn't turn out great and below is a video of them playing Sleigh ride with a short cameo of Sara, the video of them from the front is a traditional French Carol called Sing We Now of Christmas, my video's don't quite do them justice it was much better in person. My favorite was the Carol of the Bells that they played at the beginning. Afterwards I asked the girls if they liked it and Kate said "sort of I got a little tired" and Sara said "yeah, all you gotta do is listen". Q - which was your favorite? A - Kate "the last song" Sara "me too" Q - would you like to go and do that again? A - Kate "maybe I would" Sara "yeah". Tonight for prayers Kate thanked Heavenly Father that they could see the bell ringers so I think she did actually like it.

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