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Saturday, December 24, 2011

Countdown to Christmas Day 24

Well this is it, the final countdown to Christmas post. Its been lots of fun keeping track of our activities.

It is hard to stand back and let the girls do everything when baking, it is against my perfectionistic tendencies but when I do allow them free reign there is so much satisfaction (and mess). Anyway, Sara measured all of the ingredients and made the sugar cookie dough.

Then she rolled the dough out, I told her to sprinkle a little flour on the counter and I'm sure there was about 1/2 cup of flour there.

Rolling was fun too, her first roll she pulverized the dough, we quickly gathered it and together we rolled it a little softer.

We made about 8 cookies and then I let her play with the rest of the dough, she loved it (literally as you can see her cuddling it to her face), rolling, cutting and smooshing it about.

Then we decorated, so fun for the girls, so messy and sorry Santa, there was a little double dipping but I'm sure you won't mind.

Then carrots, Kate with her love of animals has to put out some carrots, she wanted to peel a carrot for each reindeer but I told her she had to snap each carrot into several pieces.

Merry Christmas, hope you all have a wonderful holidays.
(PS if you didn't get a card we probably don't have your address so if you want to be added to the list just zip me your address)

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Mark & Bek said...

Wow Claire. You are such a fun mama. Yes, can we please get together now that Christmas is over!