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Monday, December 19, 2011

Christmas countdown day 19

For their Christmas treat the girls picked gingerbread men.

As always I think Kate likes the process more than the cookie, and Sara licked the frosting off hers and didn't eat much cookie either. We also had these pine cone bird feeder kits we got from candlelight Christmas that we made today.

Also it was the first day of Christmas break today, I used to think my girls needed routine but I realise that is is actually me that needs it and so to keep some kind of order I'm a bit of a task master, I have a list of things the girls need to get done before they can play electronics or watch TV, here is Sara doing her reading lesson from this book, the witches finger is a great idea for them to use to point to each word as they read and Kate is working on some math practice. I also make them write in their journals, read, Kate has to do flash cards and Sara is learning to tie shoelaces.

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