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Saturday, December 17, 2011

Christmas countdown day 16 & 17

Too tired to blog last night, but for day 16 here was the activity:

Temple square was fun as always, Sara ended up being really tired and we didn't last all that long. Kate really wanted to see the Christus, I'm not sure what she is doing in the picture, she kind of looked like she was being called to prayer. It was fun and glad we got to share it with John and Cathy.

Day 17:

We began with the train ride and I had the genius idea of picking up some See's lollipops this afternoon, those things last for ages and at only 60 calories they aren't bad. Then we went around and hit all of the spots, here are some of the highlights.

The girls added their names to the nice list

Heard the story of St Nicolas and how the tradition of stockings were started

Wrote letters to Santa and then threw them in the fire so the smoke would send them up to Santa.

And saw the reindeer.

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