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Thursday, November 29, 2007

A blessed recovery

Today Eric had a little surgery to fix a bone spur that was causing him some terrible pain on one of his toes. A few days ago my mind wandered, I'm not sure why but I went into the "what would happen if he didn't come out of surgery" it was a gray day as I contemplated what would happen if I lost by best friend, the girls lost their father, if I had to try and raise them on my own, I know they do surgery all the time but there's always a chance. Is this a woman thing or just a crazy me thing? Whilst he was in surgery a thought crossed my mind, Eric's patriarchal blessing (for non mormons if you are confused about what a patriarchal blessing is visit http://www.mormon.org/) talks of serving a mission with his wife and so it brought me comfort to know that as long as we do live faithfully the Lord has grander plans for Eric, also I do know I can trust Heavenly Father completely and if anything did ever happen to Eric I will be able to trust in him to help me through, and, I have a deep rooted conviction of the plan of salvation, to be sealed together as a family (again mormon or lds.org) and that is what ultimately brings me comfort, that if anything were to happen to any member of my family I truly do believe that we will be together again. Anyway, Eric is fine, he was able to come home around 1pm and is just resting his achy foot, Kate especially loved hanging out on the bed with him. I have to say a huge thank-you to Julie for being so willing to watch Kate and for picking her up and taking her to Keatons little pre-school co-op and for Christie who welcomed Kate in as it was her turn to host.

And... to Eric's dad who arrived last night to watch Sara for me today. Sara is a little clingy to her mama & dada but she does love her grandpa and was a little angel for him. Kate & I are leaving for England on Saturday and I've been feeling like it is all just bad timing to be leaving Eric with Sara, also my dad's kitchen is undergoing the ceiling being repaired but Eric's wonderful parents are coming to help him out with Sara and hopefully despite the kitchen possibly having no ceiling and the ensuing dust etc Kate and I can still have a fun time together.


anniemcq said...

Oh, Claire. So glad to know I'm not alone in all my worrying. Also, so glad to hear that Eric is doing fine. Have a GREAT trip! Travel safe, friend.

Crazy Lady said...

Yeah that the surgery is over. Yeah for England. Yeah for grandparents.

I didn't think you had to worry, but i hear ya, cause I have thought of way too many times what if Jason didn't come home safe. Nice that all that church stuff is true.

Jon & Gina said...

I'm glad that everything went well for the surgery and hopefully Eric will be up and moving around soon! I hope you have a blast in England and I'm excited to see all the pictures when you get back!