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Saturday, November 3, 2007

Day 3 - the Aquarium

Today we headed down to Long Beach to The Aquarium of the Pacific. We haven't been in over a year and it was a fun day out, Sara loved it, she loved to be able to run up to the exhibits and watch the fish. We then headed over to the pike, grabbed a delicious pizza for lunch and then headed over to Eric's bosses house for a 1st birthday party for their little girl. A fun filled day and to round it all off we got a pumpkin pie from Marie Callendars tonight, the British don't eat pumpkin pie so Eric and I though it would be fun for my dad to try, his comments were "its not bad" but he didn't finish his slice so the proof of the pudding will be whether or not he has another slice tomorrow!! Oh! and I forgot to mention, as always Eric loved the Lorikeet Forest, just as we were leaving it he had about 5 birds on him.

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Amber said...

I love the Aquarium. We haven't been since we moved out of Van Nuys area. Just too far away now and my membership ran out. Glad you're having fun with your Dad.
Ashlyn has that same outfit that your girls have on. Target???