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Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Day 6 - Golfing and The Grove

Today my dad was really excited, he was golfing!! A broker from Eric's office is a golfer too and so very generously offered to take my dad golfing, at the LA Country Club no less. Its was a totally different world for my dad, he left his regular shoes in the locker room and when he came back they had been cleaned! Also when Mark asked my dad did they want to ride (golf cart) or walk my dad said he didn't mind walking, he's used to it and my dad was blown away when out walked Cesar to carry both bags, my dad absolutely loved it. I'll take any suggestions on an appropriate thank-you for Mark McDonald.

Entrance to the oh so posh country club and my dad with Mark McDonald in the background.

After naps we went to The Grove, so pretty at night and everyone love the water show.


Baby Got Back said...

That is awesome! Seriously, you might sell your dad into moving here!

Hmmm...I'll be thinking of a good thank you. Maybe a basket of homemade and canned goodies?

Baby Got Back said...

With the nicest note ever.

Jon & Gina said...

I would like to see that kind of sevice, seriously polished shoes when you come out, now that is awesome