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Friday, November 30, 2007

Gabes frame lab

No pictures today, I'm charging my battery so I can take lots and lots of pictures on my trip with Kate. Today finishing up loose ends and running errands before we leave tomorrow. A big thing checked off my todo list was getting Eric's glasses fixed, Sara broke the arm a few weeks ago, twisted it right around and Costco (where we got them from) couldn't fix them but told us a place called Gabe's Frame Lab may be able to, and yippee they did and a fine job they did to. It was a bit of a relief as if they couldn't fix them Eric would have had to get a new prescription and new frames, an expense I wasn't too excited about right now, anyway Gabe's came through. We then ran to Old Navy to make a return, as we were leaving Old Navy I was moving Kate's booster seat around in the car and smushed the glasses, they bent right across the bridge and I was soooooooooo, very, very angry at myself but we were still in the vicinity of Gabe's and so we went back and they were fixed in about 2 seconds and the guy didn't charge us, I was soooooooooo relieved!! Anyway, if you ever need glasses fixing go to Gabe's Frame Lab, they are super nice.

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Jon & Gina said...

Thats sweet that you didn't have to pay more to fix them.. blessings come in so many different ways.