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Thursday, November 22, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving

All ready for dinner, Eric proudly exclaimed that he had done Sara's hair! Kate so cute as always.

The ever beautiful Amber and sweet Grace who is just 2 months older than Sara. Haylee and her leftovers.

Kate and Sara enjoying their dinner, we ordered them fish to share but they ended up eating my pasta!! Kate as always was so well behaved, we can take her anywhere and Sara surprised us both by being a little angel herself and sat through the entire meal.

Jon & Gina, always a fun time with them around. Chris, Ethan and Haylee, Kate's beloved cousins, she loves them lots and lots.
Great company. Sara relaxing after her meal.
The kids loved the birds that hang around outside afterwards but we did narrowly miss getting pooped on a few times!!
Game on - Setters!! Eric loves playing with Chris and Amber and its always a little more fun if you can add some extras so it was a bonus to have Jon and Gina play too. I had to come home and put Sara to bed, and blog.

I am pretty easy going about what we do and where we go for thanksgiving, after all is really isn't my holiday, I spent the first 21 years of my life entirely unaware of it existence but I have to say now I am in on the little celebration that all of you this side of the pond enjoy and call thanksgiving I like it. If I am honest I would say that to me its no more than Christmas dinner in November except the added bonus to thanksgiving is that no gifts are required, no one expects to receive one or give one and that takes the pressure off entirely, it is just family and/or friends getting together to enjoy one another's company. This year we stayed close to home and went to Gladstone's with Chris, Amber, Haylee, Ethan, Grace, Jon & Gina, I have been to Gladstones before and this time unfortunately was the same as last, the food was O.K. and I'm sure that I am just not ordering the right thing but left once again unimpressed. All that said, whatever was lacking in the tasty dinner department was made up for in the great company department it was so fun to hang out with family and friends.


anniemcq said...

Happy Thanksgiving Claire! Looks like lots of fun. I agree with your take on Thanksgiving. Of course, I love Christmas too, but I'm less hip on the whole commericalism aspect. Did you guys have sales starting at midnight down there? That's just sick and wrong. I woke up at 4:00 a.m. to go to the bathroom and Charley asked me why I was up so early, so I joked that I was getting ready to go shopping. Luckily he laughed and did not bean me in the head and tie me to a chair.

Crazy Lady said...

that is the best pic of sara with her hands behind her head. good call about thanksgiving...we could all use a little more of those kind of holidays.

Jon & Gina said...

It was so much fun to get to spend some time with you guys.. we loved it and have missed you guys a ton. I never got to tell you thanks for letting us use your car that was super nice, and much appreciated! I'm going to have to get that recipe we chatted about!