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Thursday, November 8, 2007

Day 8 - a busy day

Today we managed to keep real busy. Kate had her class, then we headed out to the Citadel outlets and on the way home we stopped at Travel Towne. The trains were fun, for some reason Kate was real nervous of the big engines and deathly afraid to walk on the track, after a while and a bunch of reassurance she relaxed a little so we had fun with the trains. Sara had fun running around, she mostly liked the rocks on the ground and one of her new things is to stick her finger in the dirt until she gets some on the end of it and then eat it, does this mean she is lacking in some nutrient? she knows I don't quite approve and so she just laughs as she does it!!

This is the little train ride around Travel Towne, notice Kate's rather nervous face, Sara loved it.

Oh! and my canning pot took its maiden voyage tonight, unfortunately the cranberry sauce I was making didn't quite turn out, I was mighty frustrated at first but now I just have a new resolve to try something else, maybe some jam.

And here is my little Sara, she only has two teeth on the bottom but she took on this apple, she ate it all the way to a little bit of the core and when I took it out of her mouth for fear of choking she was pretty upset, I am just so impressed that she actually managed to eat almost the whole thing though.

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beth said...

I love the part of the story where Sara eats dirt. Kids are so awesome :)