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Monday, November 12, 2007

Day 11 & 12

Day 11 was Sunday and so another day of rest for my dad, no rest for the wicked as far as I was concerned, my church meetings began at 9am and it was also the big day of our Primary Program that went quite well I think. Eric made a delicious pancake breakfast on the new griddle I got him, it was meant to be a Christmas present but it went on sale and I just couldn't wait, he makes delicious pancakes and usually has to stand over the stove for ages, this should cut down that time considerably. And a totally new thing, Kate asked for ketchup with her pancakes yesterday, I have no idea why, its definitely not a British thing.

So back to our adventures, today day 12, we laid a little low and let Sara get in a good nap and then headed to Balboa Park in the PM to feed the ducks and walk around the little lake. All in all a fun outing and not too harassed before our grand finale day tomorrow!! And for my dads friend Ken who has been checking in on my dads adventures through the blog, my dad must have said about 50 times today "its a gorgeous day" and it was , it was about 80ºF, hope your enjoying the wonderful British Weather!! Enjoy the pics.

Sara kept forgetting to feed the ducks, she thought the bread looked quite yummy.

Ooops, to late!!

After our stroll around the lake the girls were just running around in the grass, Sara was having a blast pushing around the little toy stroller until Kate said she had to go potty and we had to leave, Sara was so upset to leave, I would even use the word distraught, I felt so bad.

A new playground is on its way, yippee!! I love Balboa park, I am going to arrange a regular play date time to meet when it is open.

And one of our favourite places to eat, well, its at least a place where we can sit with the girls and actually enjoy our food, and my dad thinks its the best burger by far, we are still aways off fine dining with our precious little ones.


Amber said...

Pancakes really are better cooked on a griddle. In my opinion anyway. And SHEESH...I can't believe that playground at Balboa Park is JUST now getting put in. They took it out a year ago and said it would be replaced in THREE months. Just like the zoo. Nothing ever comes out on time. Glad it's finally getting in. It looks SUPER nice.

Beth said...

How long is your dad staying? It seems like you guys have had such a wonderful trip. How great that he has been here for awhile.

anniemcq said...

Ooooh! I love Balboa park too! And I ALWAYS fed the ducks - I'd never seen that sign before.