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Friday, November 9, 2007

Day 9 - The Zoo

Today was a fun day, we headed to the mall this morning for a little play time and then after Sara's nap we went to the zoo. Kate and Sara's cousin Haylee came along which made the trip a little more fun as the girls both love Haylee. Highlight of our trip - the gorillas are finally back, they have been gone from the LA zoo for 5 years but their new habitat is finally finished and it is beautiful and so fun to finally see. Notice the fence though, Brooke made this point to me and I concur, the horizontal wires fencing the enclosure, eermmm to a child of the ages 18 months upto at least 10 years this is not a fence its a ladder!! I think whoever designed this did not have young children!! Anyway, its really is nice to be finished and great to see the gorillas enjoying their new enclosure.

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