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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Day 13 - the grand finale - DISNEYLAND

All good things must come to an end and my dad left this morning (the 14th), yesterday was his last day and what I thought was going to be the funnest of them all, we went to Disneyland. So lets start with the good, we had a delicious breakfast at Jinky's, Eric and I don't eat out for breakfast very often but we thought it would be nice for my dads final day and it was delicious. Then we headed to the happiest place on earth for which I hoped would be the happiest day of the trip, not quite so, my dad did not like Disneyland, apparently he doesn't like rides, crowds or lines so lets just say Disneyland wasn't his cup of tea. I was pretty devastated after we got into the park and my dad told me after about 20 mins that he just did not like it, I think I was mostly sad as it was his last day and all I wanted was for his last day to be great and maybe I was extra sad as I knew he was going home. Anyway, enough of depressing we had fun with the girls, we rode plenty of rides (oh yeah! as cruel as it seems we were at Disneyland and we were there to stay, like it or lump it, we liked it my dad lumped it!), Sara didn't enjoy the long lines very much either, the submarines were the longest wait (between 45-60 mins) pretty much everything else was 5-10mins and she loved the rides once we were on. Even though Disneyland was not for my dad he wasn't really miserable, he just walked around pushing the stroller and we did manage to get him on the submarines and roger rabbit, I think he enjoyed being with the girls too.

Jinky's, yummy, yummy, yummy and check out Kate's pancake, did they secretly know we were going to Disneyland?

I just couldn't resist, it seemed to be the hat that fit for the day!! My dad did leave saying he'd had a lovely trip, is planning on coming again in another couple of years, but next time we'll just leave out Disneyland!!

We loved the Buzz Lightyear ride, we must have gone on it 3 times. Eric was determined to get a fabulous score (over 100K) but declared it impossible until we looked on the Internet after we got home and found out some hidden high scoring targets, oh well, we'll just have to go back!! And check out this older couple, it was so cute to me to see older couples there just having fun, no grand kids necessary, Eric and I are going to be like this when we get old.
It was a hot! 90ยบ at least, I took everyone a hat but Sara only wanted daddy's and unfortunately for daddy, Sara's didn't fit him.
The submarines, my dad went on this and said he liked it he just wasn't going to stand in the line again. Kate and Eric on Its a Small World Christmas, how can you not just love Disneyland? it makes me just happy thinking about it!!


Baby Got Back said...

Ahh...it was still a great trip...dude, you showed him the town for reals. sad to see him go. cute daddy.

Rachel said...

Amen to Brooke's comment! You seriously showed him such a great time!! Too bad Disneyland wasn't for him. Glad that it didn't keep you down, though. So, what day was his favorite? I might guess the golfing. Am I right?

And the primary program was SO good! Nice job!

Jon & Gina said...

Well it seems like you guys had a great time, and you had two weeks full of adventures!

anniemcq said...

We were there for FOUR WHOLE DAYS, and we never braved the line for the submarine ride. I can understand not liking the crowds, but Granddad had to love seeing his grandkids having so much fun, no?

anniemcq said...

Oh, and I LOVED Buzz Lightyear, too! Charley got over 100,000, which really chapped my a@#! I am so dang competetive! We went on it many, many times!