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Thursday, November 15, 2007

The Skirball

Today I had reserved for Kate, Sara and I to go to the free day at the Skirball to check out Noah's Ark, I did really want to do it with my dad but this was the first available day. I am really beginning to appreciate LA with all of the amazing things there are to do, especially the freebies, most places have a free day at least once a month, The Huntington, The Natural History Museum, The Skirball, LaBrea Tar Pits and I'm sure I've missed a few. Anyway, back to our day, Kate had her final class at the Rec center in Burbank this morning and then this afternoon we checked out the Skirball, it was really fun and I love the way they have you go for just a 2hr time slot, it really wasn't crowded at all and I really enjoyed that as my kids really got to check things out. Enjoy the pics.

Sara was so excited when I let her out of the stroller and she could go right up to stuff and touch and run around, that is a cool thing about the exhibit, the kids can touch and play with everything.

Sara loved this, you pull down the lever and it creates wind, you have to pull pretty hard but she figured out a way to do it using all of her weight!

This was Kate's favourite thing, she loaded on her giraffe's, turned the wheel to send them up into the ark, they came down the shoot and she began again.

Sara found this little tea kettle and fell in love with it, I had to quickly distract her from it when it was time to leave it behind. She also loved this swing.


Burke Blog said...

Hey Claire!
Your girls are too cute! I was happy to see your comment on my blog...good to hear from you! Yes, Michael's parents live just 5 mins away from us now. Lisa is out here for a few months living with them and working. She's waiting for her British fiance to get his Visa, so they can get married and he can work in the US. I know you have been there, done that! :-)

Keep in touch,

anniemcq said...

So sweet, and what a great exhibit. Your girls would love the Portland Children's Museum. If you ever make it up here, we'll take you there. Have you ever gone to the Gene Autry museum in LA? I'll bet they'd love the Chinese restaurant in the basement!