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Thursday, November 15, 2007

Day 14 - Bon Voyage

My dad left this morning, we left our house at 6am to get him to LAX for his flight. It has been such a fun 14 days and I am so glad he came and was able to see a slice of our life and see the girls in their own environment. Life will now resume its old familiar routine until thanksgiving, our upcoming trip to England and Christmas!! Today I indulged in a guilty pleasure, a nap, Sara actually fell asleep on the way back from the airport and took a 3hr nap this morning. After we ran an errand at lunchtime I made both girls lay down and they both fell asleep around 2ish, closely followed by me, this is rare in our house, I don't usually make Kate nap but today I was just too tired and had my final cooking class tonight. It was wonderful, I woke up around 4pm, I rarely nap, even if both girls sleep I try and get things done around the house, I always feel a little guilty that Eric is out working hard and he is usually just as tired as I am but today I indulged and it was great.

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Jon & Gina said...

Good for you, naps are ususally needed and well worth it. Luckily your girls wanted naps too!! Cooking class.. how long have you been taking those?? Sounds really fun.